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Roadmaster Car Desk


Thoughtfully designed for the ultimate convenience and comfort, the Roadmaster Car Desk and Laptop Workstation will streamline your in-car efficiency. 

Effective organization is the key to success for mobile professionals and executives. The RoadMaster mobile workstation pushes compact, ergonomic design to the limits. The RoadMaster puts a hanging file storage system and stationery storage compartments within easy reach. Your mobile phone or PDA is always accessible – securely clasped in its own desktop mount.

The desk’s work surface features a special plate to secure your laptop computer. When you need to work on or off-line with your laptop, it slides easily into a comfortable position alongside the driver’s seat. A discreet storage compartment for your documents, laptop or PDA is located beneath the desktop.

No special tools or fittings are needed to install or remove a RoadMaster car desk in your vehicle. This is a solid piece of equipment, handmade in the USA for Australian conditions, and built to last. Weighing only 6.3kg, it’s easy to place the workstation on the passenger seat of your car or small van, then secure it with a standard seat belt.

Click ‘Add To Cart’ to order your RoadMaster car desk and laptop workstation today. Along with incredibly efficient laptop and mobile working facilities, this model also features twin USB charging ports and inverter driven, mains voltage power sockets.


  • Mobile workstation with sliding laptop plate
  • Length, 385mm x 279mm x 540mm
  • Weight: 6.35kg
  • Secure the workstation in the passenger seat with the vehicle’s seatbelt
  • Sliding laptop plate for comfortable positioning
  • Laptop plate extends 7.6cm over edge of desk for easy access
  • Laptop is secured on plate with a Velcro strap
  • Mobile phone/PDA mount on desktop
  • Storage compartments for stationery & loose items
  • Hidden storage space beneath desktop
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

Optional extras:

  • Phone or tablet mount
  • 240V power inverter so you can charge your laptop and other devices

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