Working Mobile Pty Ltd

Working on the road has never been easier

At Working Mobile, we transform your vehicle into a mobile office and help you be more efficient and productive on the road. Our car desks remove the annoyance of working on your lap, or the console, and keep everything secured on your front passenger seat.

Hi. I'm Owen, I used to spend a large part of my day in my car working as a construction project manager driving from site to site around Victoria. My passenger seat was always piled with notepads, papers, and my laptop, any time I braked, things would fly on the floor - So frustrating!! I always felt disorganised and was not using my available time effectively.

To solve this frustration, I've sourced a range of products to keep everything organised in the car, including a car desk and files storage solutions. 

Now we want everyone who spends their life on the road to be better organised, more productive and less stressed while on the road. No more taking work home when you can send that email, or finish that report in your car. If you want to improve your life on the road, check out our full range of car desks.