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Taking notes while on the road

Why is it when I start driving, my mind starts an automatic to-do-list? I'm awash with new ideas, things I should have done, things I should be...
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6 Steps to the perfect morning routine

Im always after better ways to do things, I do like routine to keep me focussed. If you're interested in a new method to start your day,...
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The time you enjoy is not wasted time

Isn't it nice sometimes to just sit around and do nothing without an agenda or a place to be. We often leave this for holidays and feel...
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Take 5 then take off - dont drive angry

Unfortunately, I don’t get on a motorbike on the road anymore (restricted by the wife… safety reasons), but when I did have my motorcycle license many years...
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Know where you're going before you take off

When we get into the car, we generally know ‘where’ it is we need to go, but often we don’t know ‘how’ to get there. It takes...
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Tips for driving safely

Have you ever thought about how precious a few metres can be on the road? If you’ve experienced a near miss, you’ll know that a few metres...
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