Mini Car Tote Bag
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Mini Car Tote Bag

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The perfect mobile work bag

Working Mobile business bags are essential for staff on-the-go. Designed to store everything you need for important presentations, sales calls, mobile documentation and more, the Working Mobile business bag range is perfect for people who need multiple storage compartments.

Business Laptop & Accessory Case

The all-encompassing mobile work bag, Working Mobile’s Business Laptop & Accessory Case contains all the storage you need for optimal efficiency on the road. Accommodating quick call outs and extended business trips, this bag is a spacious laptop and accessory case allows space for gadgets, documents and accessories.

Its comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry from location to location, as well as being produced with highly durable 420 Denier water repellent fabric.

The Mini Car Tote Bag

People who work on the move often experience the same problem: keeping their car organised. With masses of documents, gadgets and accessories all part of the travelling workers daily grind, it can be a real nuisance trying to keep everything in the one place. At the end of the day, what really suffers is your efficiency, not to mention the frustration of searching centre consoles, gloveboxes and back seat holders for that all-important contract.

The Mini Car Tote Bag was designed to keep all your documents, gadgets and accessories in one, easy-to-use location. The bag easily straps into the passenger seat, ensuring its safety, as well as being easy to carry and containing the storage compartments you need to ensure work/travel efficiency.