Car desks - If you work from your car, this is your desk

A comfortable workspace is key to a productive day. Working Mobile has a unique range of portable car desks, designed to boost productivity and comfort for Australia’s mobile workforce.

Cars weren’t designed to be workspaces. Yet every day across Australia sales professionals, mobile healthcare workers, insurance assessors and tradespeople spend hours struggling to work effectively from their vehicles. Working Mobile’s range of car desks are the tool you need to get organised and stay organised in your vehicle, boosting your productivity and enabling you to make the most of your day in the car.

An extensive car desk collection

Working Mobile offers car desk optionsfor all kinds of Australian vehicles and drivers.

Whether you drive a van, ute, truck or car, our car desks are the desk you need when you don’t have a desk job. Suitable for anyone who works from the road, we offer standing desks to use from outside the vehicle (ideal for tradies), to back seat car desks, to car desks that secure to your passenger seat. Make your car desk your own by customising it with a built-in phone or tablet mount, printer stand or power adapter so you can charge your laptop while on the road.

If you want a super-light and portable option, the Wheelmate can slip on and off your steering wheel as needed, giving you a quick-and-easy desk surface for your laptop or your lunch.

Working Mobile’s range is highly versatile and adaptable to suit your needs and budget. All our car desks are built to last using the highest quality materials to ensure longevity when on the road.

Browse the collection to see how Working Mobile can revolutionise your work day.