Working Mobile Pty Ltd

Make your car an efficient office

Some benefits of using a car desk include:

  1. Start your day with all your files at the ready and organised
  2. Being more productive on the road in between meetings and appointments
  3. Provide rapid responses to clients and customers straight after the meeting
  4. Update your CRM in real time - no waiting for hours to get back to the office
  5. Stop things from flying off the front seat and onto the floor
  6. Store your laptop and devices out of the sun, and out of the eye of passersby
  7. No more taking work home at the end of the day to finish off and losing valuable information
  8. Work less and be more productive with the hours you have during the day
  9. Carry out a conference call in the comfort of your car - no more juggling your laptop or device and trying to take notes at the same time
  10. Be better at your job

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars ($AUD)

We ship to all right hand drive countries including (but not limited to):

  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand 
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

Please contact me via email to work out a shipping price

Please note: In some cases shipping from Australia to overseas countries may attract local import duties and taxes at customs. Please inform yourself, as payment for local taxes and import duties are payable by the purchaser, and may delay delivery.

Some words from our happy customers:

"We have been using GripMaster mobile desk’s for well over 10 years in our vehicles, they’re quite worn but not out. In the need for some new ones, found Owen at Working Mobile through the internet who has been more than helpful in organising the new units from Aussie to us in New Zealand, can’t say enough about the service and the product is still a winner and makes our work so much safer and convenient".

Jon from Dryden Distribution - Auckland, New Zealand

"These products are by far the best I have had. 
Easy to use safe & stable easily removed from front seat with one click of your seatbelt and put it on the back seat locking and in the place with the rear seatbelt in less than one minute 
Easy access to everything you could want to carry in a mobile desk great storage underneath the desk for you diary and tablet or anything else you can think of 
All your files / receipts are just there organised at you finger tips. 
I have I've tried a few other products these products are by far the best".

John from JH Mechanical - Sedgwick, Victoria

"First discovered The Reach Car Desk on LinkedIn. It took me a few weeks to make the decision to purchase one given the purchase price but now I can't live without it! I use it every day. It makes my life so much easier as my car is my office. I only have a small car which was a concern for me but it fits perfectly. It really is incredibly versatile and useful. Great design and easy to install and remove as needed. Love it!" 

Damon from Air Liquid - Bendigo, Victoria


Resellers enquiries welcome contact me