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Let's be honest. If you've got school-aged kids, your handbag probably needs a break.

Ladies, it's time to kick the kid stuff out of your handbag and put it where it belongs!


This Ain't No Nappy Bag

The days of bibs and bottles might be a fading memory, but you probably still feel a little like a sherpa when you leave the house. Once the kids are out of nappies, your handbag does double duty. Sure you're carrying your makeup, keys, purse and phone... but you've also got a couple of muesli bars (to stop them turning feral when you're running errands after school pickup), a pair of Caitlyn's socks, two library books, Jack's missing beanie, the overdue permission slip from school, a broken phone charger, and an empty juice box.

Remember when all you needed to leave the house was your keys and a lippy? *Sigh*

You need a nappy bag for the next phase of parenting. The Mini Car Tote fits all the essential stuff needed to parent primary-school aged children. I'm talking about the change of clothes after swimming, the emergency after-school snack, the library books you need to remember to return, the supermarket bags, and the flat shoes for after work.

With a wide open top, stiff sides, and a divider you can use to make your own inner compartment, you'll never have to fish through all the contents to find something - it's easy to see everything inside. So yes, it even enables you to find your phone quickly when you're waiting at the lights and pass it to the little angels in the back when you just need to hear yourself think.

Customise the size of the inner compartment to suit you with a removable divider

Fits perfectly on your passenger seat for easy access from the driver side.

The wide open top and stiff sides enable you to see everything inside at a glance

Keep your car tidy and organised.

Thread your car seatbelt through the strap in the back of the bag so it never budges or slides off the car seat - even if you brake suddenly.

A detachable velcro flap for privacy, so no one can see what you've got in your bag

Original Design

With an extremely durable outer shell and padded inner walls, the Mini Car Tote offers stability and protection for all of your valuables, laptops and books or just about anything you can imagine

Safety assured

Keep you and the kids safer from projectiles during an accident. The bag is secured by the car's own seatbelt.

Built to last the distance

Made from superior, 600 Denier luggage grade fabric for extra strength and durability. The mini file tote features high quality stitching throughout. Extra-long handles help to prevent back strain by making the bag easier to carry and store.


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