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Ultimate Car Organisation Kit - Amazing Package Deal!

$699 $825

Seize control of your day and claim back time in your day, by designing an efficient work environment for your car/vehicle. Most businesses pay many THOUSANDS of dollars to fit out an office - an office desk and chair alone can cost upwards of $2,000. You can fit out your car workspace and set yourself, or your staff who spend their day on the road with all the comforts they need to be productive while on the road.

1. The Reach Desk

The Reach Desk will revolutionise your work day, and give you hours of time back in your evenings and weekends.

The extendable arm enables you to customise the angle you work at to suit your body and personal comfort.
It is easily installed using the seatbelt in the passenger seat of any vehicle and allows you to have a portable desk to work from when you’re on the road. 
It's super-versatile with multiple configurations:
  • Use it as a standing desk outside a van or ute - great for producing quick quotes for customers that you can print or email on the spot
  • Place it on the passenger seat of your car, so you can pull over, and get work done from the drivers' seat
  • Place it in the back seat of your car, so you can stretch out in comfort.
No more items flying off the front seat. For those who find time management difficult, the Reach Desk allows you to finish the administration tasks you need to do in between appointments so you don't have to take work home with you (or kill time looking at your phone when you could be completing your work in the car).
2.  Adjustable File Storage Tote Bag
This carryall bag has a tough shell of 600 Denier luggage grade fabric, and is built for life on the road.
If you have a mobile office and in-car clutter is getting you down, this lightweight storage tote is designed to bundle all of your portable equipment and essentials into a single, custom-configured carryall bag. With everything neatly packed, it’s easy to stow the tote bag in the boot of your car or strap it into the car seat using the seatbelt.
This carryall bag will make life easier and allow you to be super-organised when you're on the road. Need to lay your hands on that file before your next meeting? No problem. Looking for your bottle of water while you’re at a red light? It’s not rolling around the footwell anymore – it’s in easy reach. Whether you need your iPad, your laptop, your notepad, a pen, a tissue, or even your lunch at hand, it’s all in easy reach in the adjustable file tote bag.
And that’s not even the best part. This carryall bag is can be adjusted to over 30 configurations with its velcro lined interior and velcro edged partitions, allowing you to adjust the internal compartments to suit your own bits and pieces. Want a big rectangular space to fit a tissue box? Need a narrow skinny space for your laptop, or a square to store your cables and cords? Just shift the inserts to make the spaces that you need for your stuff.
3.  Ready Steady Hook
Keep bags and other items off the floor of your car. This car hook can be used to store any hanging item within easy reach of the driver seat. No more frustration with items rolling around the back seat.
This is the perfect solution for storing bags of valuables that you don't want to keep in the back of your ute. Groceries or changes of clothes can be neatly stored away. And if you ever have kids in your car, schoolbags and sports bags are easily stored.
The spring-loaded mount attaches to the headrest supports, and is a universal fitting, so it can fit any car.
4.  Car Coat Hanger
Keep your clothing  organised and tidy
Your jacket, hi-vis vest, rain jacket, coat or other PPE can remain neatly stored on a coat hanger at the back of your seat. Keeping your car tidy and organised is a key step in creating an environment in your car that helps you work better and get more out of your day.
The car coat hanger attaches to a spring-loaded mount which clips to the headrest supports, and is a universal fitting.


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