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RAM® Tough-Wedge™ (including pump pack) with X-Grip® Phone Mount kit


If you're looking for a no-fix phone mount solution for your vehicle, we have the answer for you.  

The RAM Seat Tough Wedge with pump allows you to slip a wedge between the front seat and the centre console and pump out to make sturdy.

Using your phone in car and keeping it charged and out of the sun is tough. The  tough wedge allows you to securely fix your phone into a dock and prevent it from slipping on to the floor and causing more distractions.

The single turn knob helps you position the phone to face the way you need and be set up to take a call. No more mounts falling of the windscreen. 

In the Tough Wedge Kit you will receive the following:

  • RAM - Tough Wedge - for installation between the seat
  • RAM - Tough Wedge bladder with pump - allowing a sturdy connection between the seat and console 
  • RAM - 6 inch telescopic arm  (150mm - overall)
  • RAM - 2 x ball mounts to support the phone mount and the 6 inch arm
  • RAM - X-Grip phone mount

The kit will come completely assembled allowing you to fit straight into your vehicle with no fiddling around required.

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