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Gripmaster versatile car desk


Are you a sales representative on the road and want something to make your life easier? Then checkout the Gripmaster versatile car desk. This portable desk simply buckles into the front passenger seat and allows you to keep everything organised on the seat and not on the floor. The Gripmaster versatile car desk is a car accessory that provides you with a flat working surface in the car suitable for your laptop or writing pad allowing you to send that quick email or respond in real time straight after a client meeting. 

The slide out tray on the Gripmaster versatile car desk brings your work closer to you at the steering wheel. You can also opt to install a RAM X grip mount to support your 10” ipad or device or your phone. When you’ve finished your call or administration work, simply slide the tray back out of the way and get back on the road to your next appointment. 

The Gripmaster versatile car desk also has the following features: 

  • The Gripmaster versatile car desk is easily installed and removed from the car and can be stowed in the back when you need to pick up your passenger.
  • The Gripmaster versatile car desk has storage for the administrative tools or stationery you need. When you’ve finished with your laptop or device you can simply remove it from the top and stow it underneath so it is not visible to people outside of the car.
  • If you’re on the road all day and need charging capability in the car for your laptop or device, you can opt for a built in 300W inverter which can add to your new car accessory
  • The Gripmaster versatile car desk helps you be prepared for the meetings you have while on the road and helps reduce working overtime and at home as you can complete the tasks straight away when you finish that meeting or that phone call.
  • The Gripmaster versatile car desk also helps you get the important notes from the meeting straight into a follow up email, so you won’t forget it at the end of the day.
  • Available and in stock in Australia/NZ

Specs and features:

  • Measures 640mm x 431mm
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Small non-slip surface for your laptop, device or writing pad (top only)
  • Slide out tray which brings the portable desk close to you.
  • The slide out tray can be used to mount a tablet or phone mount which can be adjusted to be at your finger tips while your sitting in the car waiting for the next meeting.
  • Storage compartments for stationery and small items
  • Hidden storage space for large items beneath desktop such as your laptop, device or handbag
  • The Gripmaster versatile car desk has a 1 year warranty – refer to conditions

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