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Gripmaster Efficiency car desk


The GripMaster Efficiency Car Desk is an easy-to-install solution to create your own office in your car or van. It comes with a simple, non-slip work surface and storage compartments to help keep your admin tools in one place and help you stay organized while traveling on the road between appointments.

If you’re still traveling with a laptop, paperwork, and sandwich wrappers piled up on the passenger seat, it could be time to make some changes. This GripMaster Efficiency Car Desk bundles your phone, tablet, and essential stationery into neat  compartments. The sleek desktop is great for writing or computer work with your laptop. A rubberized, non-slip pad on the desktop even stops your phone and other items from sliding around while you’re on the move. A large, concealed compartment beneath the desktop is the ideal place to store a PDA, laptop or other valuables.

At only 17lb, this is one of the lightest car desks in the range. Forget about complicated fixtures and fittings, the GripMaster Efficiency Car Desk simply straps into the passenger seat with the regular seatbelt. It’s just as easy to lift out when you need to free up the front seat to accommodate an extra passenger.

This desk will keep you organized between your appointments, reducing the amount of work you have to take home or back to your fixed office at the end of the day. 

Need to fix tablet and phone mounts and dont want to mark you lease/ company car, the efficiency desk is a great place to fix your tablet and phone mounts or portable payment devices. Keep everything in one place with no need to damage any of the interior or have the frustration of things flying on the floor.

Please note,  Desk top only available in grey.

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