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Busy Mum

Before my car desk I used to waste so many hours of my day. With all the dropping off and picking up, I was back and forth squeezing work and life admin around these times. Having a desk in my car means that I can use all those little windows of time more productively. Netball training is 45 minutes, and it’s a good opportunity to use that time to get a few tasks done while I am waiting for my daughter. And now that I am working from home more, I can comfortably take a 3pm meeting in the car at the school gate while waiting for the bell to ring at 3.30.

My car is so much more organised now too. It was impossible to keep it tidy with the kids in and out of it. I use a file tote for the front seat, and keep everything in easy reach, from wet wipes to water bottles. When I get home it’s easy to throw all the kids stuff into my file tote and carry it inside so the car never gets messy.


Between my car desk and file tote, I feel much more in control of my day, and less stressed. I don’t feel as overwhelmed by all the family admin tasks as they never seem to pile up like they used to, and it feels so calming to get into a tidy, organised car every day.