Working Mobile Pty Ltd

Pharmaceutical Rep

I spend all day in my car. It’s not just my transport, it’s my office. It’s really important that I keep it organised as my day is spent meeting with doctors. After each meeting there is usually some follow up work that I need to do, like writing up the meeting notes or sending the doctor some extra information. It was hard to stay on top of this work, as I’d usually have to pull over and sit in a cafe for an hour or two to get this done during the day. Either that or head back to the office, which takes extra time, or do it at night from home.

My car is always full of stuff - samples, posters, marketing materials - which is hard because it’s also the car I use to drive my family around. So it’s important that I keep my work stuff tidy so the kids don’t mess it up when they are in the car.


The car desk has changed everything. After each meeting I enter my client notes in our system and follow up on anything that I need to before I have even left the car park. It’s easy when my laptop is sitting right there on the a desk next to the driver seat. The file tote keeps everything at hand - all my folders and sample stay organised and out of the kids way. When I finish at the end of the day I can just pick up the handles and put it all safely in the boot.

I don’t work at night as much anymore, and I’m not spending as much time in cafes as I can work from my office in the car.