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Useful Ways to Set Up a Tablet or Smartphone Car Mount

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A quality car phone or tablet mount is a vital accessory for all vehicles especially those that don’t include a built-in navigation system. Our awesome phone and tablet mounts provide a safe and simple way to make calls, follow directions, and use a voice assistant. Not all device mounts are the same, which is why we offer top-quality products for all kinds of vehicles. Check out RAM tablet mount and Tough Wedge mount to see what best suit your needs. If you need to speak to a customer service representative to help guide your purchase - we are here to help!

There isn’t a single preferred style of mount, and they come in many shapes and sizes and use different fixing techniques. Choosing the right type of mount is dependent on your car's dash and ability to see your device without taking your eyes off the road. It is illegal in all states of Australia to touch your phone whilst driving and so a mounting system is a must.

This is why our product range is not limited to a single type of mount. We offer a range of products to cater to all needs with easy-to-install and reliable mounts that can be used in a variety of vehicles.

Why Mount Your Phone or Tablet in Your Car?

Whilst it’s illegal to be fumbling around with their phone while driving it is also distracting and dangerous it is when you’re on the road. We absolutely get it, for people who don't have a GPS in their car, a phone or tablet is an important navigation device and quite useful for hands-free communication while on the road. Given it's essential as a traveling companion, it requires a proper mounting solution to help keep the devices’ position within the line of sight so you don’t need to take your hands off the steering wheel and eyes off the road.

Mount Your Tablet in Your Car

Adding a tablet mount to your car is a great way to add hands-free navigation to older cars as well as give your dashboard an overall upgrade. Our tablet mounts are specifically designed to be easily installed and positioned to give you the optimal viewing angle.

Working Mobile offers two versatile styles of tablet mount, the Car Tablet Holder and the RAM Tablet Mount.

The Car Tablet Holder is designed for the backseat. Keep the kids occupied and entertained on long drives. The Car Tablet Holder easily and simply clips onto the back of the headrest allowing for easy installation. The holder is spring-loaded and suitable for all 8” to 12” tablets. The headrest mounted car tablet is interchangeable with the car coat hanger and car bag hook.

Working Mobile also has mounting solutions for the front seat. The RAM Tablet Mount is a superior quality mounting solution for anyone looking for a fixed solution to use an iPad or tablet on the road. The RAM tablet mount has a 6-inch (150mm) arm with two ball joints to allow installation easily for a 10-inch device and can be easily positioned for either the driver or the passenger. It can be easily installed on the car dashboard with 4 screws. Alternatively, the tablet mount can be fixed to a car desk as an optional extra. See our range of car desks including Gripmaster Versatile, Gripmaster Efficiency, Roadmaster, and Reach Desk Be completely hands-free!

What is a car phone holder?

A car phone mount is a device that is designed to hold your phone in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving without having to use your hands, thus the term ‘Hands-free’.

Why do we need phone holders?

Today’s smartphones are much more than a device to make calls. Navigation, playing music, watching movies, playing games, and more all stream to your phone. To optimise the use of your smartphone, particularly on long, solo drives - you want to ensure your smartphone is a productive and convenient tool. A suitable mounting solution is a best and safest way to get the most out of your smartphone

How do phone holders work?

Investing in a proper phone mount, keep you safe and legal while using navigation from your phone while driving. Our phone mounts will keep your phone securely held in a location that isn't distracting. With the use of voice assistance like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant you will be able to interact with your phone whether it be playing music, making calls or getting directions without touching your phone.

Where is the best place to put a phone holder in your car?

Depending on your car and preferred style of mount, you’ll need to decide what the best product is for your needs. Our wedge mounts are easy to use and install and don’t require any fixings to your dashboard. We also offer a cup holder attachment option, the RAM cupholder X-grip phone mount. On the other hand if you are needing a car desk we have a great add-on RAM tablet mount to your desk for easy attachment. You can also check out our backseat tablet mount to keep the kids entertained on long drives!