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Portable Steering Wheel Tables: Safe and Convenient


A steering wheel table is the perfect portable companion for everything from quick errands to long drives. Eating on the go? No problem! Colleagues calling for a last minute meeting? Use it as a laptop stand and rock your meeting, hassle free and fully prepared!

With a lightweight build, you can take a steering wheel table with you in your car, anywhere you travel. These handy gadgets come in a range of different sizes depending upon the dimensions of your steering wheel and the device you use.

What Are Steering Wheel Tables?

Steering wheel tables are multi-functional and portable tables that can be attached to the vehicle’s steering device when the car is stopped. They are one of the simplest and most convenient ways to upgrade your vehicle, without needing to spend a fortune on a fixed mounting solution.

Mobile working can be made significantly easier with the many types of ergonomic steering wheel tables available on the market. Since the size and design of most steering wheel tables are extremely compact, you can easily store them in your seat-back pocket, your bag or file tote or the boot of the car.

However, steering wheel tables should not be used when the car is moving, for obvious safety reasons. The table may only be attached only when the steering wheel is in a specific position, rotated 180° - the steering wheel upside down.

What Are The Benefits Of Steering Wheel Tables?

Steering wheel tables make life on the go much easier. Not only can they turn your vehicle into a mobile office, but they create additional space out of nowhere, providing a flat surface directly in front of you. Steering wheel trays allow you to eat your lunch on the go, helping to prevent spillages and keep the car interior clean and tidy.

Here’s a brief summary of the main benefits offered by these cool little multi-purpose accessories.

  • Steering wheel tables provide enough space for you to lay out a meal, including drinks thanks to the built-in cup holder
  • They are extremely easy to set up and mount
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort levels with further adjustments using your steering wheel adjustments to get the positioning just right.
  • Most steering wheel tables weigh less than one kilogram, making them solid enough to hold your laptop or tablet device, but light enough to make them portable.
  • Steering wheel tables are inexpensive and highly affordable.
  • They are sturdy and robust, making it extremely easy to write notes or prepare documents with a pen and paper
  • The powder-coated finish of our steering wheel tables is stylish and fashionable, perfectly complimenting any car interior


Without a doubt, steering wheel tables are one of the most inexpensive ways to drive your car game up a notch. With a durable and ergonomic build, a sleek-looking finish and an inexpensive price tag, you are sure to benefit in many ways. Pick one up today.