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Taking notes while on the road

Why is it when I start driving, my mind starts an automatic to-do-list? I'm awash with new ideas, things I should have done, things I should be doing etc. and as soon as I stop driving the ideas have gone...?
One way that I've managed to capture my ideas for later is by simply using my iphone and Siri. Just call out "Hey Siri - take a note" With notes, Siri will dictate the notes for you into the note application - standard on the IOS device. This can be later emailed or messaged to you. 
Another way is by using voice memos. Again call out "Hey Siri - record a voice memo" this will bring up the voice memo application. You will need to press the record button to commence the recording. The voice memo also records where you are when you start your recording.
Try it out and you'll never have to miss an idea/thought again.