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Know where you're going before you take off

When we get into the car, we generally know ‘where’ it is we need to go, but often we don’t know ‘how’ to get there. It takes about 20 seconds to open an app, put in an address and press start on a phone, and we no longer need to open up the street directory to find out where we’re going and follow it page by page. Google maps even reads it out for us and can adjust for traffic in real time. Let’s face it, sometimes Google gets it wrong, but pulling over to the side of the road for another 20 seconds to do a check, will mean we can stay focussed on the road and not on our devices.

If you’re like me and have kids in the car, it is good to take your headphones with you and have one earpiece in. This will allow you to hear where you’re going and listen to the kids at the same time. Stay safe!