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Take 5 then take off - dont drive angry

Unfortunately, I don’t get on a motorbike on the road anymore (restricted by the wife… safety reasons), but when I did have my motorcycle license many years ago, one of the most important take-aways from the course was – never ride angry.

We all know what it’s like to be upset with someone or something prior to getting in the car, and how our anger can then lead to us making some bad decisions, such as speeding, taking unnecessary risks, or plainly not concentrating on the road. This is particularly exacerbated when riding a motorbike, as you really need a clear head when riding, to anticipate what the traffic around you is doing.

The same goes for driving a motor car. If you’ve got something else on your mind that is affecting your clear thought, perhaps it’s time to take five before taking off. By all means get into your car… close the door (cars are quite well insulated)… then, yell, scream, cry, laugh, turn the music up loud, let the initial emotion pass and then take to the road, but don’t drive angry. 

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