Working Mobile

Gripmaster versatile car desk - complete


For those who want the complete mobile solution. The Gripmaster Versatile car desk with RAM tablet mount and 300W inverter will have everything they need to be independent and on the road. 

The slide out tray allows you to take notes during your phone calls and update your to-do list whilst in the comfort of your car. 

The 300W inverter allows you to keep everything charged with your desk plugged into your cigarette lighter (12V) port and providing 240V power with a 3 prong plug.

The RAM tablet mount is fixed to your slide out tray allowing your tablet to be close to you at the wheel. Your mounted tablet will allow you to be parked on the side of the road and participate in that conference call or to better plan your day.

This great mobile office solution has been packaged up for you to save.


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