Working Mobile

Reach desk back seat (passenger side)


If you're on the road all day and want to keep the front seat free.  Working Mobile now offers the reach desk back seat.  The reach desk is placed on the passenger seat behind the driver and allows you to sit  comfortably in the back on the passenger side.

The reach desk back seat has an extended arm and telescopic pole that provides added support. 

If you want to have a stand up desk, open the car door and orientate the platform around  and adjust height and you can now have a break from sitting down  and  get some standing time.

Simply using the lap part of the seat belt to secure the desk into place. No external or bolted fixings required.  When you're done, simply unbuckle the seatbelt and remove and stow in the back and return the car to a family vehicle at the end of the day.



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